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Watch over my shoulder! 

As many people ask me how I work, what I use for medium and all sort of questions about my creative journey, I decided to open my own YouTube channel where you can see my progress on current works. From watercolor, acrylic, ink, researches for large painting or series, you are now able to look over my shoulder when I sit at my desk and create a new piece.

It’s a place where you a freely invited to comment, like, subscribe, share with anyone you think will be interested, and most of all ask all the questions that comes to you.

Click here for Emilie Geant Artwork Channel

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TV5MONDE Asie Pacifique 

I’ve been offered the opportunity to share my love of Aotearoa and my life here as an illustrator on TV5MONDE’s blogosphere.

You can discover my contributions HERE .


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Matariki calendar 2016/2017 for Dynaspeak and Te Wananga o Aotearoa

Illustrated by Emilie Geant

“The rising of the constellation of Matariki in the month of June signals to the people of Polynesia, settled across vast expanses of Oceania, that a new cycle has begun. In New Zealand, Maori developed a sophisticated culture adapted to the climate and conditions they discovered following organised migrations in large doubled hulled ocean-going waka to reach Aotearoa. Using traditional knowledge, with the stars and other natural signs to guide them, the master navigators of Polynesia preceded the great European explorers by several centuries.

This year’s calendar reflects upon the extraordinary events of exploration, discovery, migration, settlement and cultural exchange that bought the development of Aotearoa New Zealand as a nation of different people.”

Matariki Calendar for Dynaspeak

2015/2016 Matariki calendar for Dynaspeak

Illustrated by Emilie Geant

The Maori new year is marked in June by the appearance of the constellation Matarki (or pleiades) and celebrates Matariki throughout the year as we mark more than 200 years of cultural exchange between Aotearoa New Zealand and France.

“Matariki is a time to treasure relationships. The great French navigator Jean Francois De Surville made landfall in Aotearoa and met Maori French chiefs in 1769, beginning a long exchange between France and New Zealand. Early French explorers, naturalists, artists and pioneer missionaries were folloed by settlers and entrepreneurs, winemakers and rygby players, visitors and scholars – a broad diversity of interests links our people today. From Gallipolli to the Western Front, through the Second World War, to peacekeeping operations around the world, our two people have stood together.”   Dynaspeak website

Terres de voyages newsletter of Easy Voyage illustration by Emilie Geant

Terres de Voyages daily newsletter of Easy Voyage 

Every day since March 31th 2014, presents a remarkable site and submits it to votes of Easy Voyage community members.

Each of these mythical places will be presented daily with a brief description, a panoramic photo highlighting the beauty of the site, but also a drawing from the work of three illustrators, Catherine Adam, Emilie Géant and Sabine Hautefeuille illustrating the local traditions and customs, all in a tone intentionally light designed to pay tribute, with dreams, to the infinite richness of the world and countless escape’s opportunities…

The answer children's book by Emilie Geant

The Answer

Story written by Jessica Dziwulska, illustrated by Emilie Geant.

One knows the answer and another one knows the question. But unfortunately these two are destined never to meet. Will you guess what is going to happen?

This children’s book talks about human beings and relationships through beautifully written metaphors.

Published by Emilie Geant in 2013. ISBN-13 : 978-1494347130.(English Language; 60 pages in full color; format 21x21cm).

Available from bookstores, or, and any good bookstore.

Contes 1ere de couv

Contes de Nouvelle-Zelande

Tales collected and translated by Pascale Fontaine, illustrated by Emilie Geant.

This book relates tales and documentaries to discover the legends and traditions of New Zealand, to understand the commitment of Maori to their land, ancestors and faith.

Published by Editions Reflets d’Ailleurs in 2012. ISBN-13 : 978-2918593133. 

(French Language; 96 pages in full color; format 16x24cm)

* Due to popular demand, this publication has been sold out and is unfortunately out of print at the moment *
LA terre du long nuage blanc - Carnet de voyage en Nouvelle-Zélande , Emilie Geant

La Terre Du Long Nuage Blanc

Carnet de voyage en Nouvelle-Zelande 

With an urge to see the world, Emilie Geant decided to take pencils and sketch books to the other side of the world, to the country of the long white cloud, Aotearoa.

Published by Reflets d’Ailleurs in 2010. ISBN-13 : 978-2918593041. (French language, 64 pages in full color with an 8 pages central pocket book about moko, format 24x16cm) 

* Due to popular demand, this publication has been sold out and is unfortunately out of print at the moment *