Limited Edition * 

Postcards gift set with the New Zealand native bird illustrations in their kete.

This set of 10 postcards features my original illustrations. They are paintings from the New Zealand native bird series. The original illustrations were made on paper with ink and watercolour.

This is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!

It comes in a gift box as shown on the photos with a unique folded card where you can write a loving note for your mother. So you don’t even have to worry about wrapping it, it’s all sorted!

The set includes 10 postcards (Tūi, Miromiro, Fantail, Kākā, Mātātā, Silvereye, Kākāpō, Black Robin, Kōkako and Kōtare) in their kete (basket), all wrapped in tissue paper and displayed in the gift box. Each little-strung card is unique and handmade. They’ve been made with acrylic paint using fresh leaves as stamps. The botanic prints are revealed through the heart shaped cut in the folded card.

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