The Soul of French Buildings

Art Exhibition by Emilie Geant

In France, some buildings have stood for centuries, silently witnessing the world around them. Each imperfection, like a wrinkle, unveils their beauty.  Walk by these old buildings a million times and you will see something new each time.  Come closer and run your fingers over the stones. There is always a new crack, a new tear, a new scar. And beyond the marks, there are the life stories they hold.

Using ink with dip pen as my main medium, I use rough rendering to impart the nostalgia these French facades exude, adding only a very few touches of watercolour to breathe life into the stones.


Join us at the opening night of the art exhibition The Soul of French Buildings by Émilie Géant! Don’t miss this great opportunity to discover the drawings of a very talented French artist, and enjoy a glass of wine and nibbles with the artist!

The official opening will be on Wednesday 11 July at 6.30 pm. (Emilie’s artwork will be exhibited in the Square Edge Gallery, Palmerston North from the 6 to the 31st of July). The event is hosted by the Alliance Francaise Palmerston North.

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